Will Smith Ain’t No B*tch! (3/12/23)

Will Smith ain’t no bitch! Ask his momma, his wife, his friends and family or even me, or anybody who actually loves him and they’ll tell you, “Hell naw, he ain’t no bitch!”  But if you ask Chris Rock, he’s a straight up bitch! Why?  Cause he made a bitch ass move.  I don’t need to recite it, but it involved a bitch slap that hurt feelings, split egos up and down in a bad way. And drove people to think that Chris was a punk. Right, so you wanted Chris Rock and Will Smith to be fighting on the Oscars stage turning the event into The Source Awards. Who black getting an Oscar after that?!   Seriously!  Like he said and I agree, he took that hit like Pacquiao! Now Black people can still attend the Oscars and feel good about their presence.

Will in all his glory is a sexy, intelligent, warm hearted, fun loving, cool dude with a rock star career.  Is Chris not the same?  You don’t think he’s sexy too? Funny is sexy whether it’s powerful commentary or in your face charm.  The swagger on these men is real….You don’t think Chris deserves his “Selective Outrage” at this moment, from the location of the event, to his all out attack on both of Will and Jada. What chu want a boxing match?!  How much longer did you want him to wait to unleash his fury?  Give ‘em his flowers. He had unkind words for a reason! He’s a comedian! It was funny.  It was insulting and deserving.  My best motto, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”  Dare sit in the same room with a comedian and see don’t you learn a knew perspective on how you’re seen by others. 

Giving Chris his flowers doesn’t hurt Will Smith.  Will Smith already hurt Will Smith and Chris Rock in the same sentence.  Will did a Hancock, okay.  Now, somehow, I’m picturing Will in Legend, the Ali movie commercials and the robot movie.  Okay…back to the bull crap.  Please leave Chris alone.  He ain’t no worse than Dave Chapelle, another ride I’ll take any day. I’ll stand in line for that ride.  So perk up your baby ears and enjoy adult entertainment. Leave your tender feelings in the tender box for a minute.   

Dave Chapelle, I mean Chris Rock, I mean Will Smith, oh I’m so turned on right now…Remember, Will Smith Ain’t No B*tch!

The Rant Bar – Commentary by Darlene M. Fenrick Washington, Copyright DMWBooks.com/DMW Publishing 2023 All Rights Reserved

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