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Racial Profiling

Your Ancestry Is Waiting For You…

Racial profiling as defined by me is checking to see if current behaviors and philosophies are leading us to racial harmony or destroying humanity.

Blood, as long as it’s the right type and it’s properly matched to another human being, saves lives. Our physical presence says nothing of our complete genetic makeup. It merely shows our dominant physical characteristics, but not our true ancestry. Our DNA can break down an individual’s complete genetic history.

Many of us don’t believe in mixing blood for whatever the reason from religion to personal preference. Our DNA tells us it doesn’t matter how we think or feel. Even though you can still find someone pure in the representation of their race, you may still find out somehow you share an ancestor of another race. If you did deep enough. Check out Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s many hosted and sponsored shows on race. Don’t waste your time with differences born out of culture. Anything you don’t like about another race of people can most definitely be found in your own race. Character and values are human traits. It’s like saying “loud people” only exist in one race. Or only one race of people tells lies. Only “crazy people” exist in one race. Oh, I know, only “smart people” exist in that race. At some point you have to ask yourself, “Why do I really hate these people?” Which is a testimony to your own character….

Open your mind and breathe in everyone.

Racism is the genocide of humanity.

There’s nothing like the Blue coming to rescue you. That’s the True Blue of an American Cop serving and protecting all members of the community. Unfortunately, some officers serve with “Hate” as their main agenda. We must all educate ourselves and learn to respect each other’s differences. We can all exists on this planet without blind hatred. You’d be surprised at what happens when you Spread Love, Instead of Hate…I don’t wanna be like you, I wanna be like me.