Just Thinking About…

Just Thinking About the Anonymous Thoughts of Puzzling Amazement and Idiocracy of Many A Thinking People…

*Okay, the truth is out, money can bring happiness, but it also brings sadness, deceit, envy, jealousy and ridicule.

*If the assumption is, you dress how you feel, and you’re poor and can’t afford nice things, does that mean you don’t feel good about yourself?

*Partnerships and relationships are supposed to be good, aren’t they?

*If God gifts you with a certain level of clairvoyance, does that make you guilty of an accusation, because you sometimes know what someone is thinking or doing?

*When we think negative, energy develops negatively in our minds, as opposed to thinking positively, where energy flows freely through our brains.  The end results is a negative or positive charge.

*Picture a frame.  Picture yourself in it.  Picture yourself in the frame wherever you want to be.  Picture yourself in the frame wherever you want to be in someone else’s head.  Do they picture you that way?  What’s wrong with this picture?

*Are you a ride or die chic? You know that means you have to die for whatever reason someone may falter and require your assistance.  Do you love God this way?

*Do you know when to shut up?  Is it when you’ve won, or when you’re losing?  If you shut up when you’ve won, then how do you continue winning?  And if you shut up when you’re losing, then how do you ever win?

*Who says apples are not oranges, and oranges are not apples?  Are they not fruit?

*What would happen if our eye brows grew longer than our hair?  We’d have to braid them out of the way!

*If you let your carnal desires control you, they will.  And you will seek all fleshy temptations, even in the dark.

*Don’t judge me.  Cause I’ve already pre-judged the fact that you pre-judge.

*If you come from a race of people that you don’t respect, then how can you respect yourself?

*Why get an education or trade if you can win the lotto, marry rich, become a famous entertainer or inherit a fortune?  Ask someone lazy the answer.

*When people say your name, what are they thinking?

*Are you creating emotional and physical viaducts in your life that lead to darkness?

*The sky scraper window washers may be looked down upon, but it’s just because we fear their bravery.

*Credit is not always given to those who deserve it, no matter what type of credit it is.

*Do you honestly believe you’ve never done anything intentionally or unintentionally to hurt someone?  Then is forgiving for suckers?!

*The truth is perceived accurate by those who tell it.

*A first impression is an opportunity to create an illusion for those to believe what they want based on what they see.

*How many times can you have sex with someone before you each demand love?

*Can you honestly love the ugly one, the bitter one, the sad one, the stinky one without shame?

*Do you continue laughing at a joke that is hurting someone, or do you bust the punch line?

*Is a person still considered to be having paranoid delusions, when time reveals them to be accurate?

*Agonizing defeat, blood, sweat and tears, defined differently, by everyone.

`Do you follow religion, the world or politics? Only choose one.

`If you wake up wanting to die, why not just sleep it off for a while?

`In your mirror is an image, is it you?

`How can you wait for time, when time isn’t waiting for you?

`Is being stagnate not getting what you want or not doing what you want?

`If you believe in nothing, can something change your attitude?

*Would you rather be adopted into money, or born into money?

*Is a one night stand a booty call without any communication?

*Do you want the sex, the guy or his money?  Sorry, you can only have one.

*If you push for me, I’ll push for you and before you know it, we’ll both be through.

*If you begin to read, you’ll learn how to read better, so that what you’ve read will always read right, no matter how
you read it.

*The opposite of “Doing it and doing it and doing it well” is “Doing it and doing it and doing it swell.”

*If you dream about money, you’ll wake up richer.

*If you have sex in a swimming pool, the chlorine will clean you out.

*When in love, should you always use your heart, your head or your sex?

*Once a whore, always a whore.  Once a cheat, always a cheat.  Once a thief, always a thief.  Once you believe this, you’ll always believe anything.

*Porn makes you curious, sex makes you satisfied, love makes you happy.

*Act like you want to be treated, treat others like you act, and do a little dance in between.

*Have you ever been caught revealing your nothingness to someone?

*Why is sex better on a commuter train?  

*If you could look as you do right now forever, but never grow any wiser, would you swallow that pill?

*If time were to stop right now, what would you be doing?

*If a flower grew as big as a tree, how would you deliver it?

*If you turn a corner, and then another corner, and yet another corner, and one last corner, will you have gone in a circle?

*If you buy a house and you lose it, isn’t that the same as renting?

*If you had sex on every continent, you’d really be well rounded, huh?

*If you are physically and emotionally drained, what’s to stop you from doing nothing?

*If you were to compare sex and love, which one could you live without?

*Is every opportunity an opportunity for you to capture an opportunity?

*Is your mind, body and spirit connected?  If so, you should feel at peace with yourself, and peer pressure will roll off of you like rain drops.

*I was thinking about necessities and the propensity which we evolve to get them and realizing how important these thoughts are, if one is to consider what is really necessary.

*If you didn’t know that a crime was committed, does that mean that the crime wasn’t committed?

*Are you paranormally correct?  If so, you believe there’s something in the air tonight.

*If a blind man and a deaf man team up, does that mean they’re no longer crippled?

*If I look at you and think that you’re a *%$@!, does that mean you are?

*Do geniuses curse, and if they do, does that make them one of us?

*Does partially screwed, sound better than fully screwed or never screwed?