Last Time I Committed Murder (4/24/23)

The last time I committed murder I was George Floyd and I was killed because I couldn’t breathe.  I was Tamir Rice and I was killed because of a toy gun.  I was Breonna Taylor and I was killed because I was scared because WTF.  I was….Ohhh, there’s a long list.  Whomever is keeping track,... Continue Reading →

I Am Not My Ancestors (3/9/23)

“I am not my ancestors!”  Like hell you’re not!  If you’re still out here perpetuating racism, and Jim Crow like leadership and laws, refusing to teach your children the truth about slavery and black people, finding no real reason to hate people of another race, other than the fact they’re of another race, then…dare I... Continue Reading →

The Champs Court in Basketball (4/8/23)

Okay, this ain’t really about basketball.  It’s about double standards on and off the court.  I’m sure everyone “woke” (aware of racism and racist actions and speaking out about it or something, but not ignoring it…) has been sounding the alarm about the racial difference of the same actions of one white girl (Caitlin Clark)... Continue Reading →

A Broken Hearted Feather for Whitney (4/24/23)

Yeah, ”I Wanna Dance With Somebody!”  I always have wanted to dance with somebody who loves me. Imagine dancing with someone who doesn’t. Sometimes I can’t watch certain movies because of the pain or sadness that may ensue. Any Whitney Houston bio of any sort is always heartbreaking. And Naomi Ackie certainly made us feel... Continue Reading →

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