The Super Ego in America and Abroad (2/19/23)

What is the superego? Well if you ask Sigmund Freud…The superego is the ethical component of the personality and provides the moral standards by which the ego operates. If you ask me, it’s the driver for racism everywhere. The superego is responsible for the many injustices of the world. We, Humans, get so high and mighty, we find in our spirit the desire to commit the crimes of racism, slavery, murder, predatory lending and financial fraud, ungodly health and social experiments and detriments, classism, bullying on and offline, and any other “ism” that exists. We think the color of our skin gives us the right to do whatever we want. Then deny, deny, deny any accountability or understanding of the crimes committed; or act as if it’s still “Ok” or a lesser crime when it comes to skin color. The superego makes us the mad scientist in our own heads, creating whatever delusional, ego induced zombie that emerges. Thought to be unstoppable, because it is what it is. It’s only kryptonite, THE PROOF OF THE TRUTH!

When you address the statistics on disparaging health, wealth, education, police brutality and every pursuit of life and liberty, minus the happiness, there’s no denying the proof of the truth. There’s only Ignoring it. Ignoring evidence presents judgment for or against a person or situation and could mean life or death and if you don’t care about that, you’re part of the problem. This ain’t a conspiracy theory. Currently, American History is being re-written to exclude the truth. Some people want to hide the truth from our most valued members of the future, Our Children. To bury past sins, as if to say, “So what. You don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what we did or continue to do.” Einstein said it best, “More the Knowledge, Lesser the ego. Lesser the Knowledge, More the Ego.” If you want a better humanity, we have to make it happen!   

Why is deniability, plausibility? Because it ignores the proof of the truth. The hypocrisy that is in America and abroad about racism is painted everywhere. It’s in the passengers on London trains, airplanes, online/offline, in food service and preparation, lab diagnosis, breast cancer, advertising commercials and beauty standards; it’s every damn where! Everywhere. The psychology and sub-psychology that white is the best, the best, while all others should take to the back of the line and wait until they’ve had their fill. Anyone else agree with this? 

Let me tell you, it would help a great deal if we all see our superego for what it is; harness it to quiet the temper tantrums, and tell it, “Other people can be great too! There’s a bar for sustaining humanity; it gets way too low, when we think it’s ok to oppress others with misdeeds, murder and mayhem.” Then and only then can we all sustain a prosperous unified humanity… A Fabulously Equal Rights America! A More Globally Humane Society.

Thanks for your time and consideration…

The Rant Bar – Commentary by Darlene M. Fenrick Washington, Copyright Publishing 2023 All Rights Reserved

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