The Champs Court in Basketball (4/8/23)

Okay, this ain’t really about basketball.  It’s about double standards on and off the court.  I’m sure everyone “woke” (aware of racism and racist actions and speaking out about it or something, but not ignoring it…) has been sounding the alarm about the racial difference of the same actions of one white girl (Caitlin Clark) vs. one black girl (Angel Reese) and the public results from their actions.  How’s that? A white girl waving her hand in someone’s face during the game is ok, but if a black girl does the same thing during the game, it’s time to “ridicule, shame, think of violent things to do and say “not”, yell and write obscenities about her).  Oh my…It’s chilling and exhausting to see that much hatred still floating around America in the veins of its White citizens. 

But we live in double standard America, “where everything you do is only all good if you’re white.” I ain’t gonna lie to you, it hurts, it feels disgustingly wrong. Complacency during these moments by ANYONE is ruining our chances for An Equal Rights America. There’s no justification for this kind of hatred other than “Egoism.” There are so many events that have shaped America which involve minorities and especially Black people (the Black History that some people don’t want taught, cause not knowing about these things keeps you thinking the negative things you do about them) that made America Great and revealed a literally insane ego trenched, self-righteous, illusion of supremacy.  Because you can deny all day long the major contributions of minorities worldwide and especially Black people to America, but it doesn’t make it a lie.  It makes you blind to the truth.  It makes you disillusioned about your existence and the things you did to get where you are. We’re all evolving into a greater species, technology and genetic science is assuring this happens. All this while the planet is being destroyed…And we expect to still be living on it and breathing its air. That can’t happen without each other.  The various contributions to our society are ESSENTIAL to our CONTINUED LIVING…Don’t be foolish with hate, envy, greed and denial.  If you just get in court and begin to celebrate our differences, you’ll see how much we ALL ACTUALLY NEED EACH OTHER. 

And lastly, “The Champs Court in Basketball” says that the champs get to be celebrated and received the same as any white team that would have won.  Dare we tailgate or tailgate party in basketball, just think about what happens before, during and after those wins…

The Rant Bar – Commentary by Darlene M. Fenrick Washington, Copyright Publishing 2023 All Rights Reserved

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