I Am Not My Ancestors (3/9/23)

“I am not my ancestors!”  Like hell you’re not!  If you’re still out here perpetuating racism, and Jim Crow like leadership and laws, refusing to teach your children the truth about slavery and black people, finding no real reason to hate people of another race, other than the fact they’re of another race, then…dare I say it. Yes, Black Lives Do Matter, cause ALL Lives Matter.

Slavery was the most evil, twisted, ego driven mind fuck of the human race, no matter who was slaving or enslaving, it wasn’t right.  It was demented in every way, much like Hitler’s serial killer genocide of the Jews, The genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda, and the continued domestic terrorist race acts against black people Slave owners convinced themselves of the most ridiculous observations and muses to condone their greed and evil ways.  If you look at black history, the history that Ron Desantis doesn’t want taught, it exposes the depth of the lies and disillusionment.  Many whites have come forward who are tired of the craziness, the disillusionment that white is always right and better than everyone, especially black people.  Racism is a global problem.  It’s global!  It’s global because, there’s hardly a place you can go on the globe where some racist chant or action will be admonished against black people for just being black people.

I implore you to educate yourself!  Don’t get incorporated into being hateful.  Incorporated into blaming others for your unhappiness.  Incorporated into robotic automation as if to be a programmed drone floating on lies and acting on ignorance. To get started, land on solid ground:  National Museum of African American History and Culture, DuSable Museum, and here are a few black facts to consider from Oprah’s DailyUs all gotta learn some time!

When you study the financial, justice and health inequities of the world against black and brown people and how disproportionate they are to other races, you will begin to see what you simply care to ignore.  Or prefer to refute for your levels of comfort. 

Meanwhile, you are not your ancestors, until you are your ancestors Remember people, “Less Illusion, More Inclusion!”  Live in truth….Racism is the Genocide of Humanity.

Spread Love, Not Hate!

The Rant Bar – Commentary by Darlene M. Fenrick Washington, Copyright DMWBooks.com/DMW Publishing 2023 All Rights Reserved

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