Chris Rock Took That Hit Like Pacquiao (3/9/23)

One day you wake up and you’re Chris Rock making history conducting your Selective Outrage Live Comedy Special on Netflix. And it was well worth the time and attention given with all of its laughs and critical opinion theories presented in the name of comedy entertainment. Chris Rock, born with the talent to make people laugh uncontrollably, but apparently not when it comes to Jada Pinkett-Smith. Just ask Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and husband of this beautiful and very bald Black woman. A joke about her baldness at the Oscars prompted Will to casually get up, walk up on the stage, stroll up to Chris Rock and Slap him with the power of a Pacquiao stance. He did! He did take that hit like Pacquiao! And so did the rest of us! It burned our butts! If you love all three of these people from an entertainment standpoint, feel like they could be your sibling or best friend, it just don’t feel right…

All three of these people are seriously Godly gifted and we are grateful. Aren’t we y’all, to have this level of entertainment? Chris has never been a “sneak up on you with the insults kinda comic.” It’s usually blatant irreverent fun! He’s made a living spewing his comical genius on a MULTITUDE OF TOPICS, not just women, or even particularly Jada Pinkett Smith, who now claims he’s obsessed with her. Hosting his event in her home town is not obsession, it’s Chris’ indirect (passive aggressive) “I’ll talk about you in your home town!” Name me one comic that doesn’t keep tapping a source of comedic inspiration that yields the desired results. Apparently, Jada’s, ONE of his muses. It was quite ballsy of him to do so with Big Willy lurking around free to do it again.

You can be hating on Chris Rock all you want! Turning his comedic genius into attack topic zones. I mean damn, it was clearly sarcasm about abortion, clearly sarcasm about Meghan Markle, clearly fucking sarcasm and satirical! Yeah Meghan Markle should have known she was diving deep into the heart of racism. And women, damn you ladies, freedom to have an abortion yes! Killing babies due to laziness (failure to protect yourself from having to choose death to your own child), our right not to abuse it! He spoke to that. What else? Bring it! It’s comedy. Will and/or Jada should have also used comedy to retort the comedic situation, but No. Jada gave Will the look and he went up there with his Tupac and Williams’ sisters dad state of mind and defended her honor with violence. Bet sex was good that night! Or perhaps it was making love…Or maybe there was another slap that wasn’t heard by the world!

For those of you who think he should have hit Will back, and disrupted a hesitant Hollywood audience and judges desire to award us Black mucka suckas anything, well aren’t you just cute! Imagine that Black people fighting on stage at the Oscars. Saweet…. So yeah, He took that hit like Pacquiao! Give him his flowers and his Selective Outrage….

The Rant Bar – Commentary by Darlene M. Fenrick Washington, Copyright Publishing 2023 All Rights Reserved

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