A Star Is Born (3/20/23)

The nurturing of a child is a human and humane responsibility.  It belongs to the parents and/or guardian of the child. When we, as the human race sit back and allow unspeakable atrocities to happen to children and still wake up in the morning feeling “Ok” about everything, everywhere contributing to their subtle humanity being shredded turning them into emotionless, damaged human beings, WE have failed the proper progression of our future. Our children are our stars, and they are everywhere.  Without them, we cease to exist.  Never forget that….

You cannot ignore the fact that people who are now criminals, sick and twisted in their minds ended up that way because of something their parents and/or society did wrong? Perhaps, we failed to help and/or protect them. Failed to give proper discipline.  Failed to give the prescribed meds. Failed. Failed. Failed.

And yes, I know, sometimes no matter what we do, it can still happen this way. But please don’t play a negative role in their demise.  Don’t sit there and do nothing at all.  I pray that we can be better human beings to each other: In Real Time – Disallowing physical and/or cyber bullying, pilfering of any sort, child labor and abduction, you know the things that turn babies into the labeled monsters you see today, while never even receiving any turmoil in our hearts. We continue to torture their families and friends for having known them and having their blood in their veins. We stand liberated in our hurtful actions because it makes us feel powerful and cause that’s what we feel they deserve.  After all, aren’t we God…

And yet, we must prevent further loss of life and humanity. We are all God’s children, shooting stars burning brightly till the end. That’s where I live.

The Rant Bar – Commentary by Darlene M. Fenrick Washington, Copyright DMWBooks.com/DMW Publishing 2023 All Rights Reserved

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