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Giving Them Pregnant Chics A Break!
Say what, you wanna be mean to pregnant chics and you
want it to be legal!  I'm choking on my spit.  Let's not
forget how we all got here.  I know you don't wanna be
giving them pregnant chics a break like you helping them
or something or taking care of something that ain't yours,  
but while you're being so mean and rude, remember any
damn chic can get pregnant, rich or poor and any color of
the rainbow!  So fire every woman in the world, especially
those ones who think when it's their turn, they won't be
treated the same.  Ugh!  We need pregnant women fools!
Who Said Dark Skin Ain't Cute!
Yeah, it's true.  Black people and other races will
make you hate your own dark skin.  They will make
you feel worthless and ugly.  I'm not even dark
skinned, but compared to my sister I am.  When we
were growing up, people told me I was dark
skinned and they made it ugly.  Meanwhile, after I
learned the truth, I hated the angst they created.  I
hated how they wanted people to feel worthless
because of their skin color.  Ugly comes in all
shades, inside and out.  Lupita speaks volumes in
her recognition of not seeing herself out there!  
Guess what, choclate is so good!
Start A Rumor, Why Don't Cha!
These are no doubt some mean tweets.  But point well
taken, Raven Simone cleared the air that she wasn't
attacked by Cosby.  If she hadn't, people would have
been walking around claiming, "He did that!"  It adds to
the stupidity of conviction without evidence.  Apparently,
in today's precourt system, all you need is a popular
accusation and you're guilty.  None of us were there, but
the women with these claims have some strange stories
as to how they were raped for years, but kept on letting
the rapist into their lives for more raping.  I wouldn't side
with them without reasonable proof of these allegations.
Jon Stewart Sums It Up
I was impressed!  Jon Stewart's rant on Ferguson
Race- Baiting Puppeteers is awesome!  I never
really tuned into him being a die hard Stephen
Colbert fan, but this is extraordinary.  He didn't
sugar coat what's going on with race in America
right now.  He laid it out in pure cold sarcasm and
stuck it up Whites and Blacks butts the way they
deserved it!  I really appreciate that!  
America's Dilemma...
way home!  All we need is the American race dilemma to
be resolved.  Even the victim's families of the race
related cop killings are saying don't attach our name to
this.  We've got Kim Jong-Un minding our business and
we've got racism boiling the melting pot.  No one can
condone this act.  No one of any human intelligence.  All
policemen aren't bad.  All White people aren't racist.  
And Kim Jong-Un doesn't get to tell America what it can
and cannot do.  Americans had better come together
right now!
Sleeping on Racial Identity
people have discovered their DNA isn't quite
revealing about their race.  Many of us staring at
our physical racial identities in the mirror were
shocked to learn that we were deceived.  The
mirror, mirror on the wall has been lying to us!  We
are not all just one race by our physical identities.
We are quite mixed up.  I'd say it's a miracle if you
find someone who isn't 70% white, 20% other and
10% other, with those other percentages being
considered minority such as African American,
Indian, Asian or HIspanic.  And God knows
whatever else is in our DNA.  Wake up!
Stop Playing!  For Real!
J. Cole, you're amazing!  I love your music and your
soul.  It's fascinating that you allow yourself to be human
and remain celebrity profiled.  Lots of celebrities do
this, but this is especially close to home since I was
single mom raising my kids.  I wish you were out there
then.  Meanwhile, it's all good.  Who else gonna let a
single mom and her pitiful pathetic situation benefit
from same?  I say this cause, when I was a single mom,
this is the attitude I ran up on.  People were like, "Stupid
dumb ass bitch!  All them kids and no daddy."  They
didn't know the half of it.  Truly, I appreciate you!
The Value of a Stupid Cop!
So whatever happened to "Drop your weapon
and put your hands in the air!"  Has it turned into,
Black guy alert, 2000 points on who takes him
down first?  Seriously, either someone has
programmed this cop for stupid or he obviously
did not value the life of a black man.  Why is it that
if the boy had been White, he would have
received a warning, but because he was Black he
didn't? This has been proven already with
Bias and still you think this officer is not guilty.  
Of course, he's guilty.  He did not follow police
procedure which resulted in the death of
someone.  That's the value of a stupid cop!
How Many Glastonbury Fans Hate Kanye West?
I am such a fan of the UK.  Always will be.  Meanwhile
Glastonbury fans love Kanye West.  That is except for
a few who have started a petition to have him
removed from the list of entertainment.  That's
concerning!  Kanye is wreckless at times, and the rest
of the perfect world stand up.  That doesn't change
the quality of his music.  He definitely has a
"Egomaniac Political Crazy Sexual In Your Face"
message in his music.  I love the honesty!  So love him
too!  As for the petition, tears.....
Honey, Get In Line!
Azealia Banks wants to f*** the President.  I'm
with me, too.  It started with Bill Clinton, then
Obama.  And occasionally, Georgie boy, if he
wasn't so damn cloudy towards Black people.   
Michelle Obama will definitely whip yours Ms.
Banks.  But she wouldn't have to, cause if Barack
would dare, it would be just that "a f***!"  And
isn't that all you want.   You want a smart man, not
really, you're caught up in the sex of things.  One
day you will wake up and say I want to be loved
and f****d, then you'll be fully sexually
advanced.   I love your honesty though.  
Passively Kicking A Cop
I think there's a tremendous amount of implicit bias
here.  Although Ms. Richards was drunk, she was
said to be passively resisting arrest and she kicked a
cop after being arrested. If that's passive, I'd hate to
see what they call aggressive.  I know this should
sound familiar if she was Black, what then? It would
have been "Kim Richards Assaults Police Officer
During Drunken Rage.  Jail Time at Bay."   Yeah,
that's sounds about right.  However, I've got my rose
tinted glasses on now.  Don't want to rain on
anyone's positivity parade with my negative
observation.  Ahhh, what lovely roses, weeds, I mean
Stephen Colbert's Badassery Rules!
I'm hitting 10.  I keep picking 'em from far away.  
Stephen Colbert, I fell in love with him from
watching his show, The Colbert Report.  I didn't
watch it all the time, just enough to keep me
fired up on today's issues that fall under the
radar and get told from a republican point of
view, that is until Stephen hits 'em.  Anyways,
you just have to adore someone who makes
sure that $800,000 worth of school project
wishes gets fulfilled.  He's truly one of my
favorite people to watch.  I'm sure Letterman is
proud to have such a bad ass replacement.  
Letterman's shoes are big enough, but  here
comes Stephen!
Donald Trump is the White Kanye West???
Oh, No.  I love Bill Maher's political commentary, but I
was shook when I read this.  And if the things his
disappointing.  Just when you imagined his picture up
on the wall to throw darts at for bigotry and hatred,
Bill Maher's guest comment with
suggested empathy
because he's a Hillary Clinton donor, anti-guns,
pro-choice, universal health care advocate.  Now, if
that's not scary, I don't know what is.  Yeah, improper
border control will let a lot of good people in and a lot
of bad people in at the same time.  But that's going to
happen where ever the break is, not the race is.  No
Take That You Serena Williams Haters!
Sometimes you go to bed a hater and wake up a
hater!  That's too bad! Bet you wish you could
wake up as Serena Williams.   But awww, you
might get teased about looking like a man, and still
glow in your own feminine beauty like a ray of
light.  Or you might make your haters look
stupider!  Or you might win the Wimbledon and get
to attend the Champion's Ball!  I understand your
manly hatred towards this tennis giant.  That's a
lot to take on with just your measly mean words
making you look like the poor board idiots you
are!  Just kidding!  But Serena's awesomeness
can't be denied.  Just ask the folks at the
Winbledon Tournament.  
Whew, Jesus!  Thank God President Obama is Black,
I Think!
The prison stats on minorities is enough to make you
want to adopt nihilism.  There's a whole lot of
ugliness going on right now with race and mental
health.  The truth is pouring out of people - racists,
liberals, weirdos and more. Thank God President
else, his true racial identity is a mixture of the human
regime.  Since it is race that generally motivates
these kind of prison stats, dare we think a little
deeper.  I think some folks are drunk with power.  
How often do you get to write your race into history
as the "preferred?"  If the shoe were on the other
foot, how might those stats look now?  It's a problem!
You Thought You Knew Your Taste for Sex & Love
Just when you thought you knew your taste in sex
and love, goes and finds 20 things to
completely confuse you.  Hmmm.  I don't know if
all or any of it is true.  You can't believe
everything in the world, less only the web, but is
pretty damn interesting.  The things stated here
that are influencing us, making us sick, happy or
whatever have you in sex and love, deserve a
quick read.  
Say what, you wanna cover the good stuff up
Yes. That's fine!  Cover the good stuff up if that's the
girl you are.  All you girls who don't wish to cover the
good stuff up and offer an expose of nakedness, it's
interesting.  I used to feel that I wanted to be that
way, I mean exposing everywhere, but now I feel like
either way can be daring depending on how you
package it up.  And the truth is, some people are just
exhibitioners.  They want you to see and dare you to
touch.  However some ladies outfits do scream "porn
star ready"  or "street hooker ready."  But guess
what they are people too.  Subscribe to what you like
and keep it moving.....
Aww Stacey, Don't Be Like That
Un huh, yeah, you can hate me now.  Feel that.  
Stacey, folks is hating you now.  Yes, we are all
Americans with unique histories and deserve to
be together.  But we celebrate our differences for
two reasons, one because we should and the
other because we have to.  If there were no BET
and NAACP Image Awards, there would be no
celebration of the many talented people who
would be ignored by the Oscars because they are
not White.  And when I say ignored, I mean just
like in the Flint, MI water crisis, "IGNORED." So
yes the Oscars should be more diverse, or maybe
we just make the Multicultural Arts & Sciences
Awards!  How about that?
That's Powerful!
I don't know about you, but I am riveted!  Thank you
Beyonce' for stepping up and pleading to America to
come together, for Black people to unite.  This is
important.  It was well said.  She urges everyone to
value each other.  I can stand for that!  I can stand for
people appreciating and loving each other, no matter
their differences.  Hey Madonna, you know, this is an
expensive ticket right here.  
No, I don't believe it!  And we never want to
believe bad things about people we perceive to
be a certain caliber of individual.  More so, this
movement is nothing but a serious witch hunt
and attention getter for desperate women
looking for attention who make the legitimate
claims seem yep, "like lies."  It's sad...the statue
of limitations has prevented others for going to
jail, but Bill Cosby's statue of limitations situation
was older than the statue of limitations and still
counted in our justice system.  And here the
witch hunt continues with Anthony Anderson.  
Again, I say, if you're guilty dude, get help.    
Oh, Kanye, "You Shouldn't have."
In case you haven't noticed, it feels like many of the
American people have taken mutiny on its American
President.  But it also feels like our American
President has taken mutiny on the American people
with his very unAmerican policies and actions.  And
it's Kanye to the rescue to chat with Trump about it.  
"It" being some of the things he'd like for Trump to
make happen and at the same time encourag
ing us to
embrace the Trump and his administration.  But even
good buddy Dave Chapelle clearly disagrees with
what Kanye said about Trump.  Do good intentions
matter when there's a mutiny of the American
people?  I wonder....