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My Cousin Charlie Sheen.... - 3/10/11

Well, okay.  Charlie is who he is, the world of work (even in Hollywood), one has to "play the game."  We all
"play the game," so to speak, in one fashion or another.

That means, we show up to work clean and sober; we don't swear at our co-workers or peers if we have a
disagreement.  We don't come to work " high" or drunk; we leave our "crazy emotions" at home, or wherever, until
we're "off the scene."

I guess the problem I have with Charlie is he wants to play his drama out "in the public."  Now don't get me wrong; we
all have drama (if we're living, that is), but you gotta "contain that shit much as you can."

Being a star, like Sheen, puts you in the public eye, like under a microscope.  Any and everything you say "becomes
news!"  Doesn't Sheen know this?  I think he does; Sheen is a "bad boy" who likes being "bad."  Okay.  I can buy that.
Nothing wrong with it.

However, I hope he understands that "bad boys" who "act out their craziness in public and before the world" usually
end up "at the bottom of the heap."  That he was recently fired from "Two and half Men" is indicative of that.  Hope
he survives the blow, and the LOSS of income!

Come on Sheen, grow up, and realize it's okay to be a "bad boy," just don't act it out on the world stage.  When you
do, "it's called crazy!"

Okay, there.  You have my nickel's worth of thought!  
--M. West
Chasing Japan - 3/16/11

How did I get on your email list anyway? Your ranting annoys me, especially when you can't spell correctly. In your
last sentence on Japan, it is "their shoes"; NOT "there shoes" as you wrote it. Please remove me from ranting list.
Thank you very much.  
-P. Kinsunzu