Sex & Love
Which is More Important, Sex or Love?

Why can't you have both?   Check out these situations.

If you're at pause about word choice, then
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Mature Audience
A Fantasy Divine
A Preacher works tirelessly to save
a Call Girl, only to get caught up in
her little game. What does she really
want?  His lustful confession.  Will
the two worlds of sex and religion
Sealie Rose
Sealie Rose turns business deals
into sexual favors that you can’t
refuse.  I dare you to work for Sealie
Sealie Rose
Fuck of the CENTURY
Working in the office can be quite
boring, witnessing the fuck of the
century is quite distracting. A
simple outburst involves everyone
in the office and no one knows how
to respond.
A Fantasy Divine
Sealie Rose