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She could feel the stares down her back!  Who the hell does she think she
is coming in here dressed like that, a church, God’s house!   It’s
abominable!  Indeed she’s a whore!   Indeed she smells of powdered fresh
sex.   Her outfit wasn’t cheap though.   You could hear her black lamb skin
skirt swishing softly as she walked; an indication as to how loud the
thoughts were in the room.   Her bosoms begged for forgiveness in the
wake of their exposure through the netted V in her blouse.  Long black hair
lay straight off her shoulders and down her back.  Her lips red like blood,
she never intended to give back.  Eyes, outlined with black eyeliner and
mascara to highlight their dark brown resilience.   She looked like a
forbidden fruit.   She looked like the devil’s toy.   One of the ushers,
dressed in all white, tried to stop her half way down the aisle.  Her smile
sinister and suspect.  She just kept walking towards the preacher.

Aghhh!  This is a church!  She must have been raised by wild wolves.  The
audacity to come here, and without shame!  The 20 year old scoffed still
wearing her laced panties stained from a full night of fornication with two

The preacher looked up from the pulpit and was almost pale to the
audience before him.  One night’s indiscretion, which had turned into
many, was truly punishable by death.  And this death would last a real life
eternity.   She was literally five feet from the pulpit.

But wait….another one of the ushers, dressed in all white, was persuading
the madam to have a seat.  She chose to leave.   She looked over her
shoulder towards the preacher and winked.  And then just as she had
strutted in, she strutted right back down the aisle, leaving a trail of
atrocities behind her.  Some men adjusted themselves in their seats.  
Others signaled to God to return.  A couple of women turned up their
noses, and others put their hands over their mouths.  The children laughed
and pointed.   The church staff appeared certain of their suspicions as they
glazed over and over again at the preacher.  Their eyebrows raised, their
lips contorted, as the door closed behind her.

By this time, the member’s whispers had grown quiet, and their minds were
shouting in outrage for an explanation.  You could hear the pitter patter of
their brain cells thumping away at their temples.

“Blessed be the holy name of Jesus!  For we are all sinners, seeking the
refuge of the Lord.”   

And he continued baptizing the child for the married couple who stood
there like homeless people renting space just long enough to get the
goods and go.  The baby cried for its parent’s affection.

When it was all over Reverend Preacher Thomas Bide, was guilty of
associating with an alleged prostitute, who was really just a gold digging
horny bitch with a curiosity for deadly revenge.   Depending on who you
asked, she was the devil’s child, and Reverend Preacher Thomas Bide
was an anti-Christ or vice versa.  His reputation forever ruined just by her
winking at him.   The gossip would last for months, years, possibly even
centuries after they were gone.  Good thing his behavior didn’t seem to
matter at the moment of the baptism, all this woman wanted, was to stir up
trouble.  She reveled in it.  
Sealie Rose
Sealie Rose
Sealie Rose
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