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Life Tales

This is just stuff about life experiences where you've learned something.  Like a course you took at school that bored you to death, an incident that nearly
ruined your life or a relationship that was the greatest experience you've ever head.

It's all so fictionally true!
B*#@? Squad
The Senator's mistress is pregnant; best
friends struggle to keep loyalty amongst
the group. The Senator promises his
confused mistress that nothing will stop
him from winning. Her friends promise to
expose him. The threat becomes real
when people start dying.  Will love save
the child and mistress, or will the Senator
win? destroy them all?!
Ageism - An Intimate and Sexual Pictorial is a personal memoir on the effects of aging in
America. It reveals intimate and personal moments attempting to remain dateable, employable,
likeable and sane under societal pressures and prejudices of age, race and sex in America.
Sealie Rose
Sealie Rose
Mature Audience