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i. Words

Words are pictures of lies or truths, stories of future fantasies
bright and shiny with lust.

Lust defined as anticipation…anticipation defined as greed….
greed defined as hunger, for what indeed?

Visions fixed by the experiences of the person within.  Fears
freezing dreams in their tracks, solidifying them in concrete.   

Words more powerful than the stares down your back, than the
actors vs. the reactors, than the evil than the good, than a smile
or a crooked grin.

Even the eyes have words to say, the feet have words to say,
the hands speak what they may, the face asks the questions that
may linger.   

The words will be spoken, no matter, no matter what you do.  
The words, the words will always creep through.

xi. Share Love
Love defined by many, each accepting it on their own terms.

The definition causes you to crash and burn.

It’s spelled trips to the moon, cake on the lake, diamonds in a
set, gold on a tooth, and then there’s another spoof.

Blood shed, tears, sickness and death, spell love?

Ask the one above.

Who do you believe?   How do you spell it? Define it?  Accept it?
Appreciate it?

Knights in shining armor fighting for their mistresses or their
wives, and their wives, or their wives, themselves?


Love is obedience.  Spelled subordinate.  Spelled King or Queen,
subjects on their knees.

Smiles are love, when released with ease from the soul.

Kisses are love, when felt when you’re alone.

Passion is love, wet with its force in your veins.

Share love?  Share love.  Share love?  Share love.

Share love……………..It only costs what you’re willing to give
and receive.  If you believe.

Share love?  Share love.

xii. Perception’s Reality
Perception, a cruel delusion.
Like the promise of a lover to be true.

Perception, the one conclusion.
Life is not as it seems through and through.

Perception, a daydream gone wild.
The frivolities of a little child.

Perception, your mind’s eye sees true.
Reality waits, nothing else to do.

Perception, the story told to the foolish.
They use it, they believe it, they’re clueless.

Perception, the perfect anecdote.
The blinding over coat.

Perception, Everybody’s opinion.
Open mouths speak it freely.

Perception, the truth, an old dominion.
Listeners can’t see clearly.
Mature Audience