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Getting Philosophical
What is Philosophy?

According to our friends at Webster (the dictionary people), one definition
is:  the most general beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or

For this, I give you my philosophy, where I'm always entitled to my opinion.
Essays of the Unspoken Mind
Get philosophical with me and
experience suicide, evolution and
the madness of the wait between
the in between.
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How does the way we feel about
evolution affect the way we live
and treat others?  Or are you sold
to the monkey theory?

The premise is to masturbate,
have sex, or simply ignore your
throbbing needs for the sake of
your beliefs.

Private Thoughts
A woman contemplates suicide
as she drives.
Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling as defined by me is checking to see
if current behaviors and philosophies are  leading
us to racial harmony, or destroying humanity.  

As long as it's the right type, when someone is
match it and save them.  Our physical presence
says nothing of our complete make up.  It merely
shows our dominant physical characteristics, but
not our true ancestry.  Our DNA breaks down an
individual's complete genetic history.

Many of us don't believe in mixing blood for various
reasons from religion to personal preference.  Our
DNA tells us it doesn't matter what we think or feel.
Even though you can find someone still pure in the
representation of their race through DNA, you will
also find out that somehow you share an ancestor
of another race.  Check it out at
Faces of America
with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  Don't waste your time
with petty differences that are born out of culture.  
Anything that you don't like about another race, can
also be found in your own.  After all, we are only

Open your mind, and breathe in everyone.  Learn to
appreciate the world!   

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African American Lives 2 with Henry
Louis Gates, Jr
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