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Are Humans the Sole Source of Power in the Universe?
The Science Theater Channel blared through the television
speakers like a rock concert.    “Evolution at its best!  Caveman!  
Who?   How’d they get here?  How did anything in this world get
here, if we evolved from apes?  Do apes grow on trees or fall from
the sky? Or do you press a button and they appear?   Yet even
more wildly erratic are the fairy tales in the Bible.   One must ask
themselves, “Come on, the Red Sea parted?   Noah’s Ark
existed?”  And on and on.   All the evidence points to the benefit
of one race or one theoretical conclusion.  And we continue to
search for proof of what we believe to be true on either side of the

Testimonies, artifacts and documents from every corner of the
world give way to scrutiny of the skeptic, searching to explain
through scientific theory the phenomenon of life and how it
began.  Simultaneously, religion remains to fill the void of
doubters proclaiming all who do not believe as they do, to be
without God, Allah or whatever the worshippers call their leader;
the one leader they all claim to worship in different ways.  We
suddenly become vigilante lawyers, and yes, even God like,
condemning all who do not believe as we do.  We continue to
argue and represent what we believe to be true.    

I believe that there is a God.  I believe there is life beyond death.  I
believe what I believe, just like the next religious, spiritual or
scientific theorizing individual.  I think most people believe the
same thing; there is a higher power than mankind.

There’s only one fact for the human species, we all believe
something, to accept it as true is up to us based on what we
consider as proof.  How and what we believe and use to practice
every day life is our prerogative, as long as we don’t break any
laws.   And who doesn’t know this.

We fit our holy books, the theory of evolution, and spirituality into
our life’s desires and live it accordingly.  How else do you justify
ignoring genocide, bloody and condescending to our very own

We live to survive as we want. Not to be destroyed for what we
believe or who we are as people.  All beings have the right to exist
without depravation of life, limb, property and the pursuit of
happiness.  And when these depravations occur, here is your
war!  Here is your catastrophe and injustice!  And how do we
resolve it? Because it must be resolved!  We begin the war of