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Bitch Squad
Ageism - An Intimate and Sexual Pictorial is a personal memoir about aging in
America.  It is a personal and sexual memento of attempting to remain dateable,
employable, likeable and sane under social pressures and prejudices while
aging in America.
Deep and Complexed.  Agreed, hate is destroying us.  I like the pictures, too!

~Craig Abrom, U.S. Army

Truly unique approach.  I like it a lot - intelligent, thought provoking and

~Glenn Reedus, Independent Journalist

Darlene Washington is a confident woman who understands who she is and her
place in the world. Her life experiences has given her the ability to be able to be
unapologetically "real" with herself and others thus making her accessible to

~David Dodd, PR Professional

This is different, a picture book for adults that tells a story. Very interesting and
thought provoking. Speaks to the life experiences of many women.

~V. Alsberry, Physical Therapist Assistant