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It’s a different thing, standing on a balcony watching wasted opportunity
go by in the form of a possible lover, feeling like a useless contestant in
a fight over righteousness.   Righteousness that doesn’t concern you
more than the need for two warm bodies to share a sensuous moment, a
thought of your own.  And then you try to find shame, but there’s none.  
Anger, lust and disappointment beseech you, an experience you must
endure until you find the right answers.  You begin by justifying your
emotions, revisiting your motives in a previous state of mind.

I only wanted him to take me as I am, joining me in a quest for the mercy
of love.  This was my excuse for the thought of seducing one of God’s
angels.  This is what I told myself while I plotted, and schemed and lied
to bring him to me.   I wanted to feel what God feels, the undying love of
his most faithful servants.  I close my eyes, cover my mouth with my
hands and wave my head with embarrassment, God still loves me…This
is my crime!

He is a Reverend, a Priest, a Man of the Cloth, tall in character and
beautiful in heart.  I’m…I’m a call girl with only one thing in mind, sex.  
And I desired his innocence.   I had met him once, but obviously not
under the circumstances which I wanted.

So I did it.  I made a plan to seduce him.  To make his heart yearn for
me.  To make him ask God why, why must he be human and experience
the temptations of mankind?  And then I did it.   I just did it.  I slipped into
lust like a favorite pair of jeans, comfortable and provocative in every
A Fantasy Divine
A Fantasy Divine